Easy Go-To Hairstyles

I know I’ve been a bit irregular guys but now I took a lot of time and compiled some of the hairstyles which are really quick to make and are amazing to adorn . You guys can add me on snapchat via beloved.sanjana and now without wasting any time , let’s hop in to the images !!!


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Go for some Drama This Time !

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life .


Hola Fairies !

Today I’ve got an amazing collection of Uk beauty blogger Gina box from whom you should take cues for your beauty tips and without craving more excitement , let’s just hop in to her world !



And girlies this is the Hint to some of my next coming up blogs ! So fashionistas gotta pay a check !

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How to dress Whites !


All whites rather than all black can also help you get that same royal and classy look without putting in tons of efforts . The picture below helps you know how to style it . Just add a camel coat with a matching pumps and bag and you are good to go .





Another way to style white is by combining your white blouse or top with flared pants , plazzos or loose bermuda lookin’ pants . The pic below gives us some major summer goals . Adding a hat to the outfit just makes you stand like a queen . White also helps catch some eyeballs ‘coz of its brightness and in this hot and humid weather you can still manage to look like an angel .




You can never go wrong for pairing a grey with white or black ! It just adds that royal and expensive look to you that all heads turn towards your direction . Either pair it with heels or shoes you are good to manage your look for the date out with your girlfriends .

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Leather jackets are a must have in everyone’s wardrobe . Be it boys or girls you can find one in each’s wardrobe .But you need not stick to black or brown leather jackets , whites , greens and other colours should also get an entry to your leather jacket’s compartments . The white leather jacket can be even paired for your office meetings . When paired with ripped girlfriend jeans and some classy pumps you can look the most sassy one in those boring meetings .


I bet everyone’s wardrobe must have more than 40 pairs of black ! Atleast i owe a lot of black in my wardrobe and it’s even mah favourite colour . It’s such a staple yet classy & most needed colour that no one can take any chance of giving half of the place of your wardrobe to this colour . Black and white when paired together have always turned out magic and this match has been going from ages (will proceed for even future ages ;> ) . I think i need not say anything more ‘coz you smarties gotta know what I want to say !

Help this info goes a long way with you stylebabes ! And yeah this leftover month you gotta see a lot from me as it’s my vacations . So yeah we going to have a great #stylebabefam !

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Inspired Summer Lookbook from Gigi Hadid

Hey loves !

It’s been a while that I came up with a fresh idea and this one seems to be really exciting and most lovely at the same time . The International model of the year 2016 , Gigi Hadid is here to rescue us from the difficulties of maintaining a staple wardrobe for this summers 2017 !

I caught on her some really anticipating looks from recent times and here’s what i think would be helpful ! So u girls gotta checkout this one 🙂


  1. The pink co-ordinate dress was an amazing choice by the supermodel with her last name Hadid embellished on it .
  2. The second dress featured a formal yet stylish look and those boots really highlited her super thin legs !
  3. This amazing two paired coat pant styled with a normal white crop top was giving me major informal yet formal look and yes ! THOSE stripes will be a love this season . So be it a co-ordinate , a coat pant , a dress or whatever pair stripes are going to give you major summer feels .
  4. You can never go wrong with a leather jacket . Be it a black pair or the brown one , the jacket just shows off your royality . The most eye-catching part of this look was her flats !


Yellow’s been everyone’s choice this summer . Be it Emma Watson showing it off at Cannes Festival 2017 or Gigi Hadid just showing off the colour on her toned body in New York .


This formal kinda look was what our superbabe choosed to wear at a dinner recently . Black is always a major saviour and playing it right with an orange sweatshirt with boots were some high fashion goals 😉


Gigi Hadid was apparently wearing this on her birthday morning and her fair look was amazingly showed off with the pink overall coat while she rocked her ab in a plain wite crop teamed with some Girlfriend jeans .


Just to excel your boring daily look , add a cardigan and some pumpy boots to your outfir and you are good to go . You can take inspiration from the above picture of Gigi Hadid .


This was when the super-model was leaving her appartement at New York with her boyfriend Zayn Malik . She looked really sassy with the co-ordinates paired with a normal crop tee and gave me some really casual feels !


The last look is highly fashionable and cute lookin’ at the same time . The blush colour could be seen all over the world and so our stylebabe Gigi Hadid was also flaunting this very pretty colour .The snake inspired thigh-high boots were really jazzing up that outfit !

I hope that the info shared with you stylebabes was somehow helpful to you . Do let me know in the comments section below and if you style yourself inspired by the outfits that i showed above then do send me a pic wearing it on my snapchat – beloved.sanjana and I’ll forsure look to it . Don’t worry you’ll be added back ! #hahahahaha #lol #yougogirl #getinspired .

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs The Rest Of The World

The much awaited phone is being touted as the saviour for the brand’s image !!



By the time this column is out , each one of you will have reams of information about the all new phone that must play the role of being the saviour of the Samsung name and honour . Everything about the S8 was leaked a few weeks back and some of it turned out to be true . Finally in a very glitter and glam event , the much awaited and anticipated phone turned from theory to reality .



                                    SAMSUNG S8 

Stunning design , almost zero bezel around the screen , absoluetly brilliant curvy HDR display with an unusual 2960 * 1440 resolution and aspect ratio of 18.5:9 . Too much screen in front forced the finger print scanner is right next to the camera . Gorilla Glass 5 in front and back and rather large amount of security systems including Iris , face , finger , pattern and password . Strangely , no major upgrade in camera optics from the S7 has been done yet the instagram beauties will fall in love clicking pictures all way long as this also works like a Go-Pro camera . They’ve gone and called their all new personal voice assistant Bixby . A cool add-on is the Dex dock that coverts your phone into a full desktop system . And , the battery has almost zero chances of exploding as Samsung played safe and went with just 3000mAh .



                   Vs the I phone 7

S8’s beats the iphone 7 on display , design ,bezel-less front screen and in hand feel . The iphone’s design and looks feel truly antiquated infront of the S8’s very modern lines . Also better IP ratings for the S8 means it’s more robust in terms of water and dust resistence . In optics the Iphone has dual cameras but the S8 has better F stop aperture rating at 1.7 and an autofocus front camera . Bixby wins the war on strangely-named voice assistants , but Siri has never won any accolades for being a great name either . Dex is definitely a huge move forward for desktop level apps . Plus , the S8 has a 3.5mm headphone jack and the Iphone dosen’t . So, right now , the S8 is ahead of the Iphone 7 .



 Vs the Google Pixle 

The pixel looses in design to the S8 massivley , and comes nowhere near in terms of display and screen but plays up well in optics , battery and overall performance . Pixel spirals down due to no MicroSD slot which the S8 does have . Pixel does strive ahead as it’s a pure play Android Nougat OS and will get updates way faster than the S8 . Battery life on the Pixel is also way better . Bixby and Bixby vision seem to be streets ahead of Google Assistant in terms of features , but they need to be tested to see if they deliver . So , as of now , the S8 beats the Pixel hands down too .



                                                                   Vs the One Plus 3T 

Kudos to One Plus that a phone at almost half the price of the big guys is constantly featured in all top of the line shootouts . And the 3T does do a great job to take on the S8 . In design , screen , IP ratings and overall performance , S8 is ahead . 3T brings it back with 6GB RAM , very good ptics and better battery . But one Plus needs to bringout the One Plus 4 to really take on the might of the S8 .


Vs the LG G6

The G6 is the only phone that comes close to the S8 in terms of bezel , thin border , great screen and aspect ratio . It has a dual camera at the back and expandable memory too .But i n terms of performance and design , it can’t hold a torch to the S8 . If LG finally learns how to market their phones , G6 could be a contender .



                                Vs the Iphone 8 /X/ 10 / Edition

Well , just a poor comparison to do as this becomes a comparison of a real phone versus one that is purely being built inside people’s mind . Also , the real war will be between the then released Note 8 and the new Iphone . One little wager I’m willing to take though . The new Iphone won’t have a home button and won’t have a ”  anywhere onscreen fingerprint scanner .” Thus , the only place for the FPS will be unfortunately at the back too !

The S8 has got great momentum out of the start gates , has people very excited and thus has pushed all the right buttons to sell it in huge numbers .


I seriously put of my 20 days to extract all the information that I shared with you loves now and if the info I shared was helpful to you in someway or the other then please do give this one a BIG thumbs up ! And you guys may also wonder where the hell does the electronics come between my fashion blogs ?  #xd #lol but this phone was so dam good plus many of you were confused for this one …. so I jus tried to help you loves from that point ! Do let me know if this review made you go crazy on my snapchat – beloved.sanjana  ….. as i got my instagram and facebook accounts hacked in january this year due to great fan following .

Time for the rest of the world to catch up !

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Top fashion bloggers of INDIA !!

Elegance is not standing out , but being remembered .


Hey fashion lovers !

I have got a safeguard to protect you guys with your fashion choices . These top 5 fashion bloggers of India will help you find your way to the best style in world and the most amazing part of this is that eventually these bloggers have different types of skin colour . So be it your fair , wheatish or any other skin colour you’ve got a saviour !

  1. Aakriti Rana Gill –

This fashion blogger is an addict person to pink colour 😉 So angels with pink colour in their most favourite list must check her out ! Her dressing sense is so different everytime that you can’t even imagine . You can find her on insta by her username ” aakriti rana gill ” for daily inspo .  


2. That Boho Girl –

I guess no one could be better with their choices for fashion be it boho or party looks , Kritika Khurana knows how to steal them away ! Her lovely nature for everyone .. be it her friends , fam , or her fans she is a headstunner ! You can find her on Instagram by typing her username ” That Boho Girl ” . She also has her online store , so check it out once .  


3. Caught in a Cuff – 

This fashion blogger is so cute and adorable that it’s a pleasure watching her everytime . Innocence personified , Riya Jain is a rage among students 😉 She has also been in many magazine photoshoots and cuteness overloaded , you can find her on her insta account ” Caught In A Cuff ” . 


  4. Juhi Godambe –

This lady is always best for different fashion inspo everytime . Being an Indian she also pulls of her look being traditional at times . Those at offices who need different styling options for their office parties must check her out ! You can find her on insta by her username ” Juhi Godambe ” . 



  5. The Snob Journal –

Okay ! so she’s new being a blogger but her fashion sense  helped her having a mark in fashion industry . She’s young , cute , adorable and it’s lovely to watch her childish looks at time . Girls who juggle for options when in college may come to rest after watching her !




I hope that these Insta personalities a.k.a Fashion bloggers will help you with your troubles related to fashion !

Till then ,


Stylebabes 😉

The latest trend is here !

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only . Fashion is in the sky , in the street , fashion has to do with ideas , the way we live …. what is happening .



Hllo angels !

So , as promised I’ve started my fashion blog now and the top fashion trend that i want to share with you girls first is about the Fish Net Tights !! Everyone in the world is obsessed with this new trend . Be it an actresses flaunting it , fashion bloggers flaunting or the models flaunting it on the runways …these tights have become a rage among every girl .

And here’s the rescue for all those girls who find it difficult to style . Fish net tights can be worn with your short dresses which is for sure gonna jazz up your look and will make you look different from others among the crowd ! You can also pair it with your short skirt and you are good to go ! Take cue from business entrepreneur Chiara Ferrangi 🙂


Tv personality Kylie Jenner is a great example of how you can follow the fishnet trend even with your risqué cut-out dresses .



Another hack to adorn this fish net trend is by cutting your tights into the shape of socks and you are ready to flaunt it in front of your friends ! This is also a quirky way to brighten up your office look which is mostly boring 😉


Girls who are ready to show-off their skin in their pair of shorts can also invest in fishnet tights to make their always go-to shorts rise up to a new level! You can take cues from the pic I just mentioned above ..



This was Kylie Jenner, role model for many. Adorning the look again from tip to toe ! Be it her bodysuit! the skirt! or even the boots! she was high on following this trend.



Ripped and Rough jeans has been a craze among everyone from 2016! And to top this look again in 2017 .. all you need is to pair it with the pair of your fishnet tights which makes your look even more chic, fashionable and gothic !!!

Last but not the least ! The most amazing hack for all those girls who want to flaunt their flat bellies must check this out ! You can pull off your fish net tights upto your belly and pair this look with a crop top which will make you stand among everyone !! You can buy them from anywhere but I would recommend you girls to buy it either from Kraftly or Hype ‘coz they have some amazing price offers !


I hope that the information which I shared with you girls today will be helpful in some ways and if you wanna see more of fashion cues like this then comment down below !

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