How to dress Whites !


All whites rather than all black can also help you get that same royal and classy look without putting in tons of efforts . The picture below helps you know how to style it . Just add a camel coat with a matching pumps and bag and you are good to go .





Another way to style white is by combining your white blouse or top with flared pants , plazzos or loose bermuda lookin’ pants . The pic below gives us some major summer goals . Adding a hat to the outfit just makes you stand like a queen . White also helps catch some eyeballs ‘coz of its brightness and in this hot and humid weather you can still manage to look like an angel .




You can never go wrong for pairing a grey with white or black ! It just adds that royal and expensive look to you that all heads turn towards your direction . Either pair it with heels or shoes you are good to manage your look for the date out with your girlfriends .



Leather jackets are a must have in everyone’s wardrobe . Be it boys or girls you can find one in each’s wardrobe .But you need not stick to black or brown leather jackets , whites , greens and other colours should also get an entry to your leather jacket’s compartments . The white leather jacket can be even paired for your office meetings . When paired with ripped girlfriend jeans and some classy pumps you can look the most sassy one in those boring meetings .


I bet everyone’s wardrobe must have more than 40 pairs of black ! Atleast i owe a lot of black in my wardrobe and it’s even mah favourite colour . It’s such a staple yet classy & most needed colour that no one can take any chance of giving half of the place of your wardrobe to this colour . Black and white when paired together have always turned out magic and this match has been going from ages (will proceed for even future ages ;> ) . I think i need not say anything more ‘coz you smarties gotta know what I want to say !

Help this info goes a long way with you stylebabes ! And yeah this leftover month you gotta see a lot from me as it’s my vacations . So yeah we going to have a great #stylebabefam !

Till then ,


Stylebabes 😉


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