The Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs The Rest Of The World

The much awaited phone is being touted as the saviour for the brand’s image !!



By the time this column is out , each one of you will have reams of information about the all new phone that must play the role of being the saviour of the Samsung name and honour . Everything about the S8 was leaked a few weeks back and some of it turned out to be true . Finally in a very glitter and glam event , the much awaited and anticipated phone turned from theory to reality .



                                    SAMSUNG S8 

Stunning design , almost zero bezel around the screen , absoluetly brilliant curvy HDR display with an unusual 2960 * 1440 resolution and aspect ratio of 18.5:9 . Too much screen in front forced the finger print scanner is right next to the camera . Gorilla Glass 5 in front and back and rather large amount of security systems including Iris , face , finger , pattern and password . Strangely , no major upgrade in camera optics from the S7 has been done yet the instagram beauties will fall in love clicking pictures all way long as this also works like a Go-Pro camera . They’ve gone and called their all new personal voice assistant Bixby . A cool add-on is the Dex dock that coverts your phone into a full desktop system . And , the battery has almost zero chances of exploding as Samsung played safe and went with just 3000mAh .



                   Vs the I phone 7

S8’s beats the iphone 7 on display , design ,bezel-less front screen and in hand feel . The iphone’s design and looks feel truly antiquated infront of the S8’s very modern lines . Also better IP ratings for the S8 means it’s more robust in terms of water and dust resistence . In optics the Iphone has dual cameras but the S8 has better F stop aperture rating at 1.7 and an autofocus front camera . Bixby wins the war on strangely-named voice assistants , but Siri has never won any accolades for being a great name either . Dex is definitely a huge move forward for desktop level apps . Plus , the S8 has a 3.5mm headphone jack and the Iphone dosen’t . So, right now , the S8 is ahead of the Iphone 7 .



 Vs the Google Pixle 

The pixel looses in design to the S8 massivley , and comes nowhere near in terms of display and screen but plays up well in optics , battery and overall performance . Pixel spirals down due to no MicroSD slot which the S8 does have . Pixel does strive ahead as it’s a pure play Android Nougat OS and will get updates way faster than the S8 . Battery life on the Pixel is also way better . Bixby and Bixby vision seem to be streets ahead of Google Assistant in terms of features , but they need to be tested to see if they deliver . So , as of now , the S8 beats the Pixel hands down too .



                                                                   Vs the One Plus 3T 

Kudos to One Plus that a phone at almost half the price of the big guys is constantly featured in all top of the line shootouts . And the 3T does do a great job to take on the S8 . In design , screen , IP ratings and overall performance , S8 is ahead . 3T brings it back with 6GB RAM , very good ptics and better battery . But one Plus needs to bringout the One Plus 4 to really take on the might of the S8 .


Vs the LG G6

The G6 is the only phone that comes close to the S8 in terms of bezel , thin border , great screen and aspect ratio . It has a dual camera at the back and expandable memory too .But i n terms of performance and design , it can’t hold a torch to the S8 . If LG finally learns how to market their phones , G6 could be a contender .



                                Vs the Iphone 8 /X/ 10 / Edition

Well , just a poor comparison to do as this becomes a comparison of a real phone versus one that is purely being built inside people’s mind . Also , the real war will be between the then released Note 8 and the new Iphone . One little wager I’m willing to take though . The new Iphone won’t have a home button and won’t have a ”  anywhere onscreen fingerprint scanner .” Thus , the only place for the FPS will be unfortunately at the back too !

The S8 has got great momentum out of the start gates , has people very excited and thus has pushed all the right buttons to sell it in huge numbers .


I seriously put of my 20 days to extract all the information that I shared with you loves now and if the info I shared was helpful to you in someway or the other then please do give this one a BIG thumbs up ! And you guys may also wonder where the hell does the electronics come between my fashion blogs ?  #xd #lol but this phone was so dam good plus many of you were confused for this one …. so I jus tried to help you loves from that point ! Do let me know if this review made you go crazy on my snapchat – beloved.sanjana  ….. as i got my instagram and facebook accounts hacked in january this year due to great fan following .

Time for the rest of the world to catch up !

Till then ,


StyleBabes 😉



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