Top fashion bloggers of INDIA !!

Elegance is not standing out , but being remembered .


Hey fashion lovers !

I have got a safeguard to protect you guys with your fashion choices . These top 5 fashion bloggers of India will help you find your way to the best style in world and the most amazing part of this is that eventually these bloggers have different types of skin colour . So be it your fair , wheatish or any other skin colour you’ve got a saviour !

  1. Aakriti Rana Gill –

This fashion blogger is an addict person to pink colour 😉 So angels with pink colour in their most favourite list must check her out ! Her dressing sense is so different everytime that you can’t even imagine . You can find her on insta by her username ” aakriti rana gill ” for daily inspo .  


2. That Boho Girl –

I guess no one could be better with their choices for fashion be it boho or party looks , Kritika Khurana knows how to steal them away ! Her lovely nature for everyone .. be it her friends , fam , or her fans she is a headstunner ! You can find her on Instagram by typing her username ” That Boho Girl ” . She also has her online store , so check it out once .  


3. Caught in a Cuff – 

This fashion blogger is so cute and adorable that it’s a pleasure watching her everytime . Innocence personified , Riya Jain is a rage among students 😉 She has also been in many magazine photoshoots and cuteness overloaded , you can find her on her insta account ” Caught In A Cuff ” . 


  4. Juhi Godambe –

This lady is always best for different fashion inspo everytime . Being an Indian she also pulls of her look being traditional at times . Those at offices who need different styling options for their office parties must check her out ! You can find her on insta by her username ” Juhi Godambe ” . 



  5. The Snob Journal –

Okay ! so she’s new being a blogger but her fashion sense  helped her having a mark in fashion industry . She’s young , cute , adorable and it’s lovely to watch her childish looks at time . Girls who juggle for options when in college may come to rest after watching her !




I hope that these Insta personalities a.k.a Fashion bloggers will help you with your troubles related to fashion !

Till then ,


Stylebabes 😉


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