The latest trend is here !

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only . Fashion is in the sky , in the street , fashion has to do with ideas , the way we live …. what is happening .



Hllo angels !

So , as promised I’ve started my fashion blog now and the top fashion trend that i want to share with you girls first is about the Fish Net Tights !! Everyone in the world is obsessed with this new trend . Be it an actresses flaunting it , fashion bloggers flaunting or the models flaunting it on the runways …these tights have become a rage among every girl .

And here’s the rescue for all those girls who find it difficult to style . Fish net tights can be worn with your short dresses which is for sure gonna jazz up your look and will make you look different from others among the crowd ! You can also pair it with your short skirt and you are good to go ! Take cue from business entrepreneur Chiara Ferrangi πŸ™‚


Tv personality Kylie Jenner is a great example of how you can follow the fishnet trend even with your risquΓ© cut-out dresses .



Another hack to adorn this fish net trend is by cutting your tights into the shape of socks and you are ready to flaunt it in front of your friends ! This is also a quirky way to brighten up your office look which is mostly boring πŸ˜‰


Girls who are ready to show-off their skin in their pair of shorts can also invest in fishnet tights to make their always go-to shorts rise up to a new level! You can take cues from the pic I just mentioned above ..



This was Kylie Jenner, role model for many. Adorning the look again from tip to toe ! Be it her bodysuit! the skirt! or even the boots! she was high on following this trend.



Ripped and Rough jeans has been a craze among everyone from 2016! And to top this look again in 2017 .. all you need is to pair it with the pair of your fishnet tights which makes your look even more chic, fashionable and gothic !!!

Last but not the least ! The most amazing hack for all those girls who want to flaunt their flat bellies must check this out ! You can pull off your fish net tights upto your belly and pair this look with a crop top which will make you stand among everyone !! You can buy them from anywhere but I would recommend you girls to buy it either from Kraftly or Hype ‘coz they have some amazing price offers !


I hope that the information which I shared with you girls today will be helpful in some ways and if you wanna see more of fashion cues like this then comment down below !

Till then ,


StyleBabes πŸ˜‰






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